MARTIN GLOBAL - Investment


Investment: We provide capital, experience and networks.
We support you in professionally implementing your idea/product and successfully establishing it on the market.

“All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” (Victor Hugo)
“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” (Thomas Edison)


Investment in new ideas and products



STARTUPS welcome!

What is important to us is your idea, not your financial background.

Based on our team’s decades of practical experience and through the international network that we have established over the last 30 years, Martin Global AG offers the following support for the implementation of new ideas and products:


  • Startup support
  • Financial support (investment)
  • Support during the final phase of the concept
  • Development of the concept/prototype up to a market-ready product, including procurement
  • International marketing
  • Tailor-made participation models

General conditions – investment


What do we support?
Ideas and products,

  • that are simple, that win over the customers right from the start and spark enthusiasm.
  • that come from a range of different branches and which win over our skilled and experienced team.
  • that we believe will lead to economic success within a foreseeable time period.


Prerequisites for support?
  •  Technological, unique propositions: The product must be innovative and display clear advantages compared to the existing market’s offers. It should be convincing right from the very beginning and should display customer benefits.
  • Simplicity: The simpler, the better! Products that are highly complex, with long research and development periods etc. are out of the question for us.
  • There must already be a functioning product prototype, a good rough concept of the idea or an already completed product.
  • There are good opportunities in a growth market.
  • Possibility of global marketing: marketing should be internationally possible and make sense.
  • Products in market niches, which can be used by an attractive number of customers.
  • Profitability: there must be a good price-performance ratio with good profit margins.
  • Cycle-free business model: the sales revenues should be distributed throughout the year as uniformly as possible.
  • Products/ideas should be implementable profitably in the short-term. By short-term we mean that the first product should be sold in series production on the market within one year at the latest.


What we don’t support?
  • Products that display a high product liability risk.
  • Products that are contrary to legal regulations or we consider to be “unethical for us” (e.g. weapons etc.)
  • Regulated markets: markets dependent on state subsidies or state price regulations or other interference.
  • Classic project businesses
  • Classic industry products with strong competitive markets (ruinous competition)
  • Successions


Investment volume per investment?
10 thousand to max. 1 million euros
In principle we are not fixed on any specific sector. Above all we focus on solutions and products from the areas of industry 4.0, IoT for industry, as well as IT solutions (B2B and B2C) or digital services.
Target markets?
  • Primary: Target market in German-speaking Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Secondary: global marketing, international manufacturers and partners


Payment for our services?
  •  All our preliminary work (preliminary testing, technical feasibility, market surveys, evaluation of partners in the network, consultation etc.) is carried out for you without charge.
  • Because we know what we are capable of doing, we work 100% success-oriented and at our own risk: We solely wish to contribute to the success of a product for which you have completely convinced us of its merits. For this reason, we are very careful in the selection of the projects that we support.
  • We only wish to profit jointly with you after the product has been successfully launched on the market and begins to yield income.
  • The profit share entitlement model will be determined beforehand, precisely and individually, and agreed together on a basis of honesty. Such models could take the form of: profit sharing, license models, company participation, sale of company, etc.