• Enthusiasm for new ideas/products and the enjoyment of a challenge
  • Innovation and creativity, combined with logical good sense
  • Unbureaucratic working practices and powers of self-assertion
  • Financial strength combined with international expertise
  • Many years of practical experience through our team members, partners and experts
  • An international network spanning over many decades with regard to financing, research, development, IT, technology, production, procurement, sales and marketing
  • The ability to assert one’s self without losing the human touch
  • Cooperation characterized by professionalism, trustworthiness and honesty

These are just a few of the factors our experienced team, from a range of different branches, use to actively ensure that good ideas and products achieve economic success in the market.

MARTINGLOBAL Business areas

MARTIN GLOBAL - Investment

Support for new ideas and products (startups)


Trade with innovative products

MARTIN GLOBAL - Real estate

Investment in selected commercial and private real estate properties.