“The best language is always that of the customer” (Anton Fugger)


Trade with selected products

Our team’s decades of practical experience and the international network that we have established over the last 30 years have made Martin Global AG into a reliable trading partner.

  • We assume responsibility for the complete development of the sales network and sales in specific regions for the selected products.
  • We work as importers or wholesalers on a purchasing basis with a profit margin.


Prerequisites for admission into our trading product range?
  • The product must display clear advantages compared to the existing market offers (price/performance, niche, innovation).
  • The product must offer good possibilities in a growth market and achieve high customer demand.
  • The product is simple, needs little explanation and is not maintenance-intensive.
  • Preferably the product has a certain novelty in our markets. That means that the product is not available, or is only rarely available for purchase in our markets; but is already in high demand in other markets.
  • The competitive situations in the markets in which we operate are still low or do not yet exist.
  • The manufacturer does not have any sales structure in our target markets and is looking for sales partners, preferably ones who are exclusive to specific markets.
  • The product is developed, of a high quality and offers attractive margins.
  • Cycle-free business model: the sales revenue should be distributed throughout the year as uniformly as possible.
  • The product should be able to be sold with simple and cost-effective sales structures (e.g. internet, trading agents, wholesale traders).
Which trading products are out of the question?
  • No products that display a high product liability risk.
  • No products that are contrary to basic legal regulations or we consider to be “unethical for us” (e.g. weapons etc.)
  • No regulated markets: markets that are dependent on state subsidies or state price regulations or other interference.
  • No classic industry products with strong competitive markets (ruinous competition)

We will not take on any projects of which we are not personally convinced, that do not correspond to our selection criteria or do not fit into our portfolio or our network.

Investment volume per investment?

Up to a maximum of 200 thousand euros (development of sales network) per investment


In principle we are not fixed on any specific sector. Above all we concentrate on consumer goods, simple technical products (electronics, security, IT, entertainment, lifestyle, leisure activities, sport, etc.)

Target markets?
  • Primary: target market in German-speaking Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Secondary: international marketing in selected countries through our network (partners, importers and wholesalers)