MARTIN GLOBAL - Real estate

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Real estate for residential and commercial premises

We invest in selected land and properties in central locations that can be used as residential or commercial premises. The clearly defined purchasing process offers the seller absolute transparency and security.

Phase 1 – Preliminary check and purchase price indication

During the first phase, we check whether the object being offered is suitable for us to make an investment. If the offer is of interest to us, we will let you know a rough price proposal already in this phase.
It is therefore necessary that your offer includes detailed information.

Phase 2 – Viewing, checking and offer

If our initial indicative offer meets the interest of the seller, we will agree a viewing of the interior of the object together with you and will then check more detailed information on the object.
Following the inspection and checking of the documents, you will receive a revised purchase price offer.
On the basis of this offer, we will agree on a period of time for exclusivity for us to conclude our checking and make an agreement on the sales contract.

Phase 3 – Final examination, technical inspection

We will require all relevant documents pertaining to the object for the final examination. We will provide the seller with a checklist for this.
Moreover, we will carry out a technical inspection of the object with our experts. At the same time we will agree on a sales contract with the notary and the seller.

Of course we will treat all the documents provided by the seller with absolute discretion.